Triton and Manta: Overview

What is triton?

triton = compute

triton is a CLI to interact with CloudAPI, one of two public APIs of Triton Data Center (TDC). The second being the docker remote API, further explained below.

Using triton in your terminal, you can create and manage instances (Bare Metal Containers and Virtual Machines) across an entire data center, which will be either one of our data centers, a managed private cloud or on your premises.

It's all open-source, by the way.


triton instance create --name alpine-linux --network public_ip_pool alpine-3 small

This would create a new instance with the alias alpine-linux, attach a NIC with a public IP, use the image alpine-3 and the package small. Please follow this link for a more in-depth quickstart guide.

What is manta?

manta = object storage

Manta is a durable, scalable and secure object storage. By default, data is dual replicated and placed on separate servers. Access to manta is provided via a CLI suite with multiple Unix-like commands and, as it's HTTP-based, via a REST JSON API.

You already guessed, it's completely open-source, too.


echo "Hello, Manta" > /tmp/hello.txt
mput -f /tmp/hello.txt ~~/public/hello-foo
.../stor/hello-foo    [==========================>] 100%      13B
mget ~~/public/hello-foo
Hello, Manta
curl --silent$MANTA_USER/public/hello-foo
Hello, Manta

You can find more details on how to work with manta in this chapter of our docs.